Right now, under my windows lies about half of the pots of boiled spaghetti with some kind of sauce. Right on the lawn. You will guess why? These are my neighbors feed pigeons.

I have a large classic yard with a playground in the center. Every day there are a lot of parents with children every day. A few days ago there was such a scene. Mom taught her three -year -old son how to shake half a pack of potato chips on the asphalt. Birds. The child understood everything well and shook the chips on the track efficiently.

Every day, while I am going from home to the metro, I try not to step on bread crusts, and sometimes just loafs (honestly, the other day, two large Uzbek cakes were lying under my feet), with which good people had strewn everything around. For pigeons, of course.

I leave the courtyard overwhelmed with sovereigns, walking along the street to the underground crossing. Next to him is a sweet square, where many sparrows live in the bushes. In front of the bushes is an incomprehensible white heap. The next day the heap remains. And two days later. In the end, on the third day I gets curious, and I get closer to consider what it is still. It turns out that this is about a kilogram of rice. Judging by my multi -day observations, rice sparrows do not eat.

I give you honestly, I do not invent anything and do not exaggerate. I’m not even writing about cats. About local cats. Four lives in the basement of my house. Every day they put a jar of fish canned food at the entrances, boxes from “doshyirak” with herring heads and plastic covers from some other containers with chicken bones. What do you think, where are jars and lids later? That’s right, they stand there, where they were put. That is, almost each of the 13 entrances, and even at the basement windows, and the house always has various kinds of dirty packaging from the products that place in the garbage.

Personally, I really love animals and birds. But I don’t like lead

Det vanligaste misstaget hos män ska tas desperat gnist klitoris för tillfället när flickan inte är mycket upphetsad. Graden av beredskap att bestämma helt enkelt är tillräckligt för att spendera fingret runt ingången till vagina: Om det glider inuti betyder det att det är dags. Till att börja med kan du bara gå in i indexets tips och mellersta fingrarna och göra smidiga cirkulära pfizer viagra vilket är mycket mer trevligare än pseudofrictioner fram och tillbaka. Försök att ändra intensiteten av dina handlingar. För närvarande när flickan redan är nära orgasm, få rätt rytm, som svarar på hennes lårs rörelser mot fingrarna.


Please note, now I am only writing about feeding animals in the yards. Not about how dog breeders are not cleaned after pets, and then you go along the street like along a minefield. This is a separate story. And not about those citizens who are dotting with beer bottles, pendants from seeds and cigarette butts, playgrounds. Of course, all this is also disgusting and outrageous. But now I’m only about those who like to feed animals.